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Profile of Politeknik Negeri Jakarta

Posted by Admin on 2014-02-03

1982 Standing Faculty of Technology Non - degree ( FNgT ) , is one of the faculty at the University of Indonesia . FNgT later changed its name to the Polytechnic University of Indonesia and finally based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No.207/0/1988 , became an autonomous college by the name of Jakarta State Polytechnic . Until now Jakarta State Polytechnic has six majors with 17 courses and five concentrations . Jakarta State Polytechnic is a public university that offers vocational education programs at Diploma level ( Associate Expert - AMD ) and D IV ( Bachelor of Applied Science / SST ) in the field of Engineering and Commerce Administration .
Since 1985 until today , the Jakarta State Polytechnic has graduated alumni of as many as 24 296 people , consisting of 15 778 engineering graduates and 8,518 graduate business administration field . Most of the work as self-employed , civil servants , as well as on a national or multinational company .
Diploma graduates to fill the field of work as a senior technician who is able to overcome the technical problems in their fields while D IV program graduates to fill professional positions in the company .
As the era of globalization and the demands of a more competitive industry , Jakarta State Polytechnic equip students with knowledge and skills are balanced. The balance can be seen from the curriculum with the ratio of 55 % theory and 45 % practice . Moreover, because the paradigm shift of economic thinking , students equipped with entrepreneurship courses and quality assurance ( quality management ) to be more creative and innovative .


Becoming a World-class Superior Polytechnic Year 2029


  1. Generate and develop human resources faithful and devoted to God Almighty
  2. Increasing expertise and skill -based science and technology applied as educational institutions that play an active role
  3. Produce quality skilled labor entrepreneurial, independent , cultured , and environmentally friendly as well as able to compete at the international level
  4. Improving the ability of creation of the real work in the field of applied science and technology that benefit society and the nation of Indonesia .

  1. Developing human potential students to be faithful and devoted to God Almighty
  2. Produce workers with vocational skills according to their field and able to compete at the international level
  3. Develop institutional cooperation to the international level
  4. Seek and develop applied research results in order to improve lives and enrich the national culture

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