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MoU signed between Politeknik Negeri Jakarta and Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with

Posted by Tantri on 2017-05-05

Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ) just signed an MoU with Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (KSRPD), on Friday, February 10, 2017. Two delegates from (KSRPD) Mr. Sung Min Jo as Director Planning and International Cooperation and Mr. Jung Hyuck as the Programme Manager International were welcomed by staff of international office in the meeting room at rector building. On this occasion, Director of PNJ, Abdillah, S.E., M.Si. accompanied by Vice Director of Cooperation and Industrial Relation, Dr. Dianta Mustofa Kamal, M.T., and the Head of International Relation Office, Nurul Intan Pratiwi, M.Si.  

Because of KSRPD is a non-government organization (NGO) from South Korea which focuses on developing prosperity for disable students, therefore the result from the MoU is related with disable students. It is intended to help the PNJ in constructing the facilities that can help to provide a friendly environment for them. Several deals mentioned in the MoU included infrastructure development such as pathway and toilets renovations for students with disabilities, moreover, it also stated there will be an IT training too. This program will start since the MoU is signed until October, 2017. 

Mr. Abdillah, as the Director of PNJ, said that he was very appreciated with such cooperation. Until now, PNJ is still the only university that opened the D3 program for persons with disabilities; he hoped that PNJ can also continue to make a breakthrough in the cooperation of foreign affairs. All of the efforts are intended for the betterment of the students to be better.